Manufacturing Excellence

In all our time designing and engineering agricultural equipment, we have learnt a thing or two about designing and engineering custom parts. We have taken these development processes to the next level with the manufacturing of custom parts. We now have the capability to deliver high-quality custom parts that are manufactured entirely in our own workshop.


To get a quality product you have to start with a quality and detailed design. Our designers have the expertise to get concepts onto the page while still keeping one eye squarely focused on how the design will work. By keeping focused on these outcomes, we can ensure the whole process is completed to the highest quality.


Once the design is completed, the next step is to get the prototype. This is important to ensure the part is manufactured correctly and does the job that it is designed to do. While prototyping, we study every engineering step to make sure that the processes are just right to deliver a high-quality result. Testing the product and the process to engineer the product are important to ensure we get the results that you need. These tests are comprehensive and we don’t move onto the manufacturing step until each and every step passes the tests with flying colours.


At Countrywide Engineering, we have developed some high-quality parts that are head and shoulders above what is currently available on the market. These products go through comprehensive processes to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards.

Take A Look At Our Manufacturing Options

From design to prototype to finished product, we offer a wide array of innovative implements and components. Take a look at the following section to learn more about our line.

• Handling Equipment • Work Stands • Work Platforms • DPL (People Lifter) • Trailers • Ploughs • Rubber Tide Rollers • Seeders

Call us on (02) 6923 0800 to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.
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