Versatile Building Capabilities

When building a quality structure you need quality framework. At Countrywide Engineering, we put as much precision into a steel beam as we do a complete custom-designed shed. Nothing leaves our workshop that isn’t built to the highest quality; when it comes to building, we create structures that are second to none.
Custom Design

What sets us apart is our flexibility to deliver exactly what you need for your project without compromising on quality. If you have a unique request, we don’t adopt an it-will-do approach to your project. Your custom design will go through our quality processes to ensure we deliver a superior product.


From garden sheds to industrial sheds, we have the resources to deliver on the whole project. Let us know what you will ultimately be storing within your new structure. From there, we’ll create the perfect space to suit your needs.


Allow us to design and create stairs customized to your existing structure, style and needs. We can even add a metal railing for safety, if necessary.

Learn More About Our Construction Capabilities

Houses & Kit Homes

Kit homes have come a long way with new designs and construction methods, making them a preferred option for many homebuilders. At Countrywide Engineering, we are doing more to make your new home structurally secure. Whether you’re interested in a brand new design or a more affordable kit home, you can rely on our team to create the perfect new space.

Renovation Work

If you have grown unsatisfied with the look of your home or commercial space, why not do something about it? All you have to do is reach out to one of our representatives. We can add a new room onto your existing space or install some steps throughout your retail facility. When you work with Countywide, the sky is the limit.

If you’d like us to manufacture something special, don’t hesitate to ask us. We have manufactured a variety of products including: steel frames, steel trusses, beams, carports, shade sails, steel guard rails, and more!
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